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The Five W's of ThoughtsandThings

Who (am I)

  • Hi there! My name is Mary Martha but you can call me M&M for short ;). In early 2016 I made the decision to temporarily (or so I thought!) move my life to Chile to live abroad. I never did that well in Spanish classes growing up so I figured an immersion experience would be the “easiest” way to learn. Haha, Chile had other plans for me! Fast-forward to the present moment and thanks to many trials & tribulations, I’ve accumulated a wealth of experience on what it’s like to learn Spanish from the ground up, find jobs in different industries, make friends and overall make a home out of Chile.

What (is ThoughtsandThings)

  • Great question! ThoughtsandThings is a space where I explore my thoughts on experiences (such as lessons learned living abroad) in Chile as well as things (such as diving deeper into social issues) going on in Chile. 

When (will I post)

  • I will post bi-monthly on Monday at 7.00 pm and you can follow me on Instagram at Thoughts_Things_ to make sure you don’t miss a beat!

Where (am I)

  • Currently, I’m located in the hustling and bustling city Santiago, Chile. 

Why (you should stick around)

  • I can’t promise you that I have all the answers, but I can guarantee you that I have a lot of questions that will lead us to question our thoughts and change things. I will write about everything from plant-based eating in Chile, small businesses I love to relevant social issues in Chile such as Classism, Racism & Sexism. Stick around so we can figure out how to navigate the ups and downs of life in Chile together.

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