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12 Ways to Connect with Chile from your Couch

A Fantastic Woman is a fantastic (for a lack of a better word) film about Marina, a young transgender woman and the struggles she faces as she grieves the loss of her boyfriend. A Fantastic Woman took home the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2017 so is Oscar approved as well! Watch the trailer here and the full movie here.

The Maid, La Nana in Spanish, is an acclaimed Chilean film that portrays the complex relationship between Raquel, a maid, and the upper-class Chilean family she has worked for during the past two decades. This Sundance Film Festival favorite will not dissapoint! Watch the trailer here and the full movie here.

Machuca is a story of an unlikely friendship between upper-class 11-year old Gonzalo and lower-class Pedro in the moments leading up to the 1973 military coup. Watch the trailer here and the full movie here.

This documentary follows astonomers in Chile as they search for the answers to some of lifes biggest questions. As the astronomers look towards the Atacama Desert Sky for answers, relatives of some of the people who disappeared during Pinochet's regime search the desert soil in hopes of finding the bodies of their loved onces. Watch the trailer here and the full movie here.

The name says it all. This documentary is full of breathtaking scenery and the vast flora and fauna that inhabit Chile. Watch the trailer here and the full movie here.

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In 2015, 300 whales mysteriously died at Bahía Slight, on the Peña Golf in Southern Chile. Yaktal documents three brave men as they set out on a risky 4,000 km navigation to find answers to what happened, confirming the importance of our oceans, the animals that live in them and our duty to protect them along the way. Watch the trailer here and the documentary here.

7: No

This Oscar Nomitated historical drama is definitely worth a watch! No tells the miraculous story of a clever advertising strategy behind the political campaign in the 1988 referendum where the Chilean people had to vote whether to keep Augusto Pinochet into power for another 8 years, or vote him out. Watch the trailer here and the full movie here.

A film by esteemed director Pablo Larraín that combines history & fiction while telling the story of how the world-famous Chilean poet Pablo Neruda escaped Chile. This cat and mouse hunt of a film is full of stunning landscapes in Southern Chile as well as Pablo Neruda's quirky personality. Watch the trailer here and the movie here.

This film is about a middle-aged woman named Gloria who is charming, quirky and authentic as she goes through the ups and downs of being single and dating with adult children and also as a divorcee. Watch the trailer here and the movie here.

Although Magical Andes isn't a Chilean film, it is most definitely worthy of being on this list! I'm sure you already guessed it but this docu-series is about the Andes Mountain Range, which spans several countries in South America including Chile. The majestic Patagonia in Chile & Argentina are featured in the first two episodes but I really recommend watching the entire docu-series to learn more about these famous mountains, and the people who live close to them. Watch the full series on Netflix.

Nobody Knows I'm Here or Nadie Sabe Que Estoy Aquí in Spanish is film set in Southern Chile. The film is Netflix's first Chilean original movie and is beautifully shot, artistically capturing the inner conflict Memo, the main character, suffers after a traumatic childhood and his journey to overcome it. Watch the full movie on Netflix.

Although Our Planet is not 100% dedicated to Chile, episode 5 "From Deserts to Grasslands" has a lengthy feature including stunning footage of the Atacama desert, a must to visit in Chile. Think of it half education, half virtual travel. Watch the docu-series on Netflix.

I want to hear from you! Have you seen any of these movies?! Leave a comment below to let me know what you think!



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